Single-Handle vs. Double-Handle Kitchen Faucets: Which Is Better?

Now we’ve discussed the difference between a pull down and a pull out kitchen faucet, there’s yet another feature worth discussing: single vs. double handles faucets.

In this case, the difference is quite obvious; the single handle faucet has one handle that you can use to balance flow and water temperature, while a double-handle uses two separate handles for the same task.

The questions is, which is better: a single handle or double-handle kitchen faucet?

Single-handle faucets seem to be preferred for many reasons:

  • They’re more practical and easier to use.
  • Setting your preferred temperature and flow is much easier.
  • Easier to install.
  • Looks wise, they’re more on the modern side, if that’s what you prefer.
  • On the down side, after a while of work (this could be years), they tend to leak faster than a double-handle faucet.

As for Double-handle faucets:

  • They’re less practical.
  • You need to balance between two faucets you get your preferred temperature.
  • They’re also inconvenient in the kitchen, if you’ve got your hands full or smudged, controlling two handles can be hard.
  • However, they can give you more precise temperature.Harder to install, yet still doable on your own.
  • They’re more on the classical side when it comes to style.

Which Is Best? Single Or Double Handle Faucets?

It truly comes down to your own personal taste in look and in how you work. Personally, I find a single-handle faucet to be more convenient when it comes to kitchens. They’re easier to use when you’ve got your hand full, and easier to install.

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