What Is An Induction Cooktop? And How Is It Different From an Electric or Gas Cooktop?

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your traditional cooktop with an Induction cooktop, here are some vital information that should help you with your decision.

What Is an Induction Cooktop?

An induction cooktop is a totally different method of cooking than electric or gas cooktops. In induction cooktops, there’s no heat generated by the cooktop, but rather by coils with powerful electromagnets that generate a magnetic field. When you place your cookware on it, this magnetic heats up right away. Otherwise, when touched by something non-metal (your hand for example), it remains cool to touch!

How Is It Different Than An Electric or Gas Cooktop?

Induction cooktops give you INSTANT control over temperature. You have more control over the heat, and it gives you precise temperature settings, so you’re less likely to burn or overcook a meal.
When it comes to heat up time, electric cooktops require you to wait a bit until the desired temperature is met. However, in Induction cooktops, there’s NO wait time. The coils of the cooktop heat the cookware, so you’re not waiting for the cooktop itself to heat up and your cookware can reach desired heat instantly.

Induction Cooktop Chocolate

When it comes to safety, Induction cooktops are your safest bet! They ALWAYS remain cool to touch, even when on. So if you happened to be a bit of a clumsy cook, or if you have children around the house, accidental cooktop burns will be a thing of the past. Unlike your convectional cooktops (electric or gas) which require time to cool down, an induction cooktop is never actually hot to touch. See in the picture above how it’s only melting the chocolate on the metal pan while the rest of the bar remains solid.

Are There Any Downsides to Induction Cooktops?

So far, everything we’ve mentioned about Induction cooktops are great. Are there any cons to this awesome invention? Sadly, there are a few:

  • Because induction cooktops heat the cookware itself, it does not work great with all cookware material. Aluminum, glass and copper do NOT work with induction.
  • If you have a preferred cookware set in a material that is not compatible, you can actually get a disc that will turn it into one. However, it is better to have a cook set that is compatible for best results.
  • Out of all types of cooktops, Induction cooktops are the most expensive. However, since they’re faster and more energy efficient than other cooktops, it’ll make up for its price in no time.

In our next post, we’ll share the top rated induction cooktops for your consideration.

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