What Is The Best Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler To Buy?

A water cooler is a great appliance to have around in a kitchen or an office, but loading those heavy bottles has always been the worst chore. Those days are long gone thanks to bottleless water coolers. That’s one invention that I’m certainly thankful for!

What Is a Bottleless Water Cooler and How Does It Work?

Just like the name sounds, a bottleless water cooler is a water cooling machine that does not require any bottles, not top loading or bottom loading. Instead, it uses direct waterline to provide instantly cool or hot water. These machines also have a built-in filtration system that instantly purifies the water from any chemicals or impurities.

A bottleless water cooler usually has two water reservoirs on the inside, one for cool water and another for hot water. It keeps the water ready for use at those temperatures at all time so you get it instantly whenever you need it.

Why Choose a Bottleless Water Cooler Over a Traditional One?

  • One of the best benefits of having one of those coolers is that there’s no need to load up those heavy gallons of water to the top of a cooler anymore.
  • You’ll Save a lot of money on purchasing bottles.
  • Storing those large bottles is not an issue anymore.

Best Bottleless Countertop Coolers:

Comfee Bottleless Water Cooler:

  • Sleek and stylish design that fits on any countertop.
  • Select from two temperature settings: Chilled water or room temperature.
  • Offers two type of filtration: PP and Carbon filter to improve taste and eliminate odors.
  • Touch screen controls for choosing serving size, temperature and dispensing water.
  • Choose from three serving sizes: 4, 8 or 24 oz. All sizes can be reprogrammed to your liking.
  • Filter reminder will notify you when it’s time to change the filters.
  • Approximate filter lifetime: 6 months, 3000L.

Click here to learn more about Comfee Cooler, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Drinkpod Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser:

  • Serves water in three temperatures: cool, hot or room temperature.
  • Uses Ultra+3 filtration system to purify and disinfect water.
  • Touch screen panel with glass illumination.
  • Eco mode saves on power during downtime.
  • Filter cartridge provides up to 6  months of use.
  • Available in black or white design.

Click here to learn more about Drinkpod Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Review of Drinkpod Cooler:

Avalon Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Dispenser:

  • Features paddle spouts for cold or hot water dispensing.
  • Self cleaning feature sanitizes and purifies the dispenser to prevent accumulation of bacteria.
  • Built-in nightlight makes the spouts visibly clear at night or dark areas.
  • Uses two filters, one sediment filter and another carbon block filter. Each last about 6 months.
  • Available in three colors.

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Which One To Choose?

  • First thing to look into is that do you need your water cooler to provide hot water (for tea, coffee prep)? The Comfee dispenser is the only one out of the three that doesn’t provide hot water. On the other hand, the Avalon doesn’t provide room temperature water. The only cooler with all three temperature settings is the Drinkpod.
  • Second is the design: the Comfee and Drinkpod coolers have a nice touchscreen panel and several settings to choose from. The Comfee has pre-set serving sizes that can be programmed, which is quite nice if you don’t want to keep holding on the dispense button to fill up a glass, bottle or jug. The Avalon cooler has a traditional paddle design, so it doesn’t offer much in that sense.
  • All three coolers include filters that approximately last for 6 months.

Common Questions About Bottleless Water Coolers:

What Do I Need To Install a Bottleless Water Bottle?

An installation kit is included with your cooler, so most likely, you don’t need to buy any additional tools. You simply have to clear up some space near a pipeline to setup the cooler.

Can I Use a Bottleless Cooler in an Office?

Sure, I can’t see why not. The cooler is designed to deliver water on demand at anytime, as long as you have a water line available to connect at your office, you should be good to go.

Are There Any Ongoing Costs to a Bottleless Water?

When buying a bottleless cooler, you’ll certainly save hundreds of dollars per year on water bottle usage. The only ongoing cost to a bottleless cooler is the filters, which should replaced every 6 months or so.

Is There a Bottleless Water Cooler That Is Not a Countertop Design?

Yes, definitely! If you don’t have enough countertop space, you can still buy a standing water cooler that is also bottleless. Check out this model by Avalon:

This standing bottleless cooler has three temperature settings: cold, hot and room temperature. The dispensing buttons sit on top of the machine. Just like the countertop model, this machine has self cleaning feature and built-in light for spouts. Click here to learn more about it.

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