Brita vs. Pur Water Filtration Pitchers: Which Of These To Buy?

Water Filtration Pitchers are a cost-effective way to cut down on your use of bottled water and purifying your tap water to ensure you and your family are consuming the cleanest water possible. These pitchers, which feature a built-in filter, work on reducing chlorine, zinc taste or any odors that are usually associated with tap water.

In this post, we will be looking at two of the most popular choices for water filter pitchers, Brita and Pur. Which of these is more effective and which should you choose? Read the post to find out.

Features of Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher:
Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

  • 10-cup capacity.
  • Reduces Chlorine, cadmium, mercury, copper, zinc and any odors usually found in tap water.
  • 1 water filter is effective enough to replace 300 water bottles of 16.9 oz capacity.
  • Sticker on the filter indicated when it’s time to replace it. Also available with an LED light indicator.
  • BPA Free plastic.
  • Also available in different designs and in stainless steel.

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Features of Pur Water Filtration Pitcher:

PUR CR-6000 7-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher
  • 7-cup capacity. Also available as a large 18-cup capacity.
  • Filter is good for up to 2 months of use, or 40 gallons of water.
  • Removes 2x more contaminants than leading brands.
  • Depending on your model, filter replacement indicator is either a sticker or LED light.

What Is The Difference Between Brita and Pur Water Pitchers?


  • Both pitchers have quite similar classic oval designs.
  • The Brita has larger capacity of 10 cups. The Pur is 7 cups, but it’s also available as 11-cups and 18-cups.


  • Although the Brita labels it’s filter capacity as “enough to replace 300 bottles of 16.9 oz capacity”, if you do the math, it equals Pur’s 40-gallon uses.
  • When it comes to filtration, Pur has proven that is it 2x more effective than Brita. According to Pur’s website, it is “The only pitcher filter that has been tested to remove up to an average of 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals

Filter Replacement Indicators:

  • Both Brita and Pur are available in models where a sticker or an LED light is used to indicate it’s time to replace the filter.

Filter Replacement Price:

It is important to keep in mind the price of each brand’s water filter price as it’s an ongoing purchase that you’ll have to make.

  • Brita’s single filter is around $6.50 and the price decreased slightly as you buy in packs of 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 or 12.
  • Pur’s single filter is around $9 and is sold at discount price when purchased in packs of 2, 3, 4 or 8.

Which One Should You Buy?

When making your purchase decision, here’s what you have to keep in mind:

  • Pur’s filters a 2-stage system, it works on eliminating more contaminants that other brands. Although it is more expensive, if higher filtration is important to you, Pur should be your choice.
  • Pur has been proven to remove up to 13 contaminants where Brita claims to remove 6 only.
  • Cost wise, Brita’s 10-cup capacity is almost priced the same as Pur’s 7-cup capacity pitcher.

Common Questions:

– How Does a Brita Pitcher Work?

What happens is, the tap water is filled into the pitcher through the filter, so as the water pours in, it is being cleaned from contaminants and you end up with a pitcher full of filtered water.

– How Long Does It Take For a Brita Pitcher To Filter Water?
As the water goes through the cleaning process in the filter, it only takes around 5 minutes for it to come out and fill up the pitcher. If you notice that it’s taking longer than that, it could mean that the filter needs to be replaced.

– Is the Brita Pitcher BPA-Free?
Yes, it is BPA-Free.

– How To Use a Pur Water Filter Pitcher?

It works the same way as the Brita. You’ll fill up your pitcher through the filter and wait for it to fill up as the water gets cleaned and filtered.

– Is Pur Water Filter Pitcher BPA Free?

Yes, it is.

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