Everything You Need to Know About Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware

If you bring up the subject of high quality Cast Iron cookware, the brand Le Creuset is the first name that will come up. The French brand created an innovation when it first started back in the 1920s by coating cast iron cookware with porcelain enamel glaze. And until today, it is still the leading brand for Cast Iron cookware, with its iconic design and attractive colors.

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Why Use Cast Iron Cookware?

Before we tell you more about the best cast-iron brand, here’s why you should be using cast iron cookware:

  • Cast iron is the best when it comes to heat distribution. It distributes heat through-out evenly, which leads to better cooking results.
  • It is also the best for heat retention.
  • Porcelain coated cast iron cookware is non-stick and makes a great alternative to other non-stick chemical options.
  • It requires very little oil when cooking, which is healthier.
  • It can go from stovetop to the oven without any problem.
  • You can use any type of utensils with it: silicone, wood or metal.

Why Should You Choose Le Creuset Over Other Brands?

Le Creuset Pots
  • There are a number of competitive brands out there that produce enameled cast-iron cookware, but Le Creuset is the brand that started it all.
  • It started in France, and it is still made in France until this day.
  • It was designed to bring out the best flavors possible. From the material, size and weight, everything works together to make your food taste better.
  • Each pot and pan made by Le Creuset goes through a very strict quality check. A 12-step process conducted by 15 different employees to ensure that its at the required quality. If not, then it will be melted and recreated again.
  • Le Creuset cookware pieces are very versatile and can be used for many different things.
  • All Le Creuset cookware has switchable knobs, it comes with plastic knobs that resist heat up to 190C, but you can switch them to stainless steel knobs which are useful for higher temperature or oven cooking.
  • While Le Creuset cookware is more expensive than other brands, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. They really do last a lifetime and it’s probably the last set you’ll invest in.

The Best Rated Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware Sets:

Le Creuset 20-Piece Cookware Set:

Le Creuset Cherry Red 20-piece Cookware Set
  • It includes: 10.25-inch Cast Iron Skillet, 1.75-quart Cast Iron Saucepan with Lid, 4-quart Rectangular Stoneware Dish with Lid, 4.5-quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Lid, 6-piece Utensil Set, 8-quart Enameled Steel Stock Pot with Lid, Four 8-ounce Mini Round Stoneware Cocottes with Lids and a 64-page Le Creuset Mini-Cocotte Softcover Cookbook
  • Black enamel finish interior. Requires NO seasoning.
  • Enamel exterior is resistant to chipping and cracking.
  • Improved handles are 45% larger to give you better grip when using oven mitts and to distribute the weight evenly.
  • Signature Cast Iron Skillet, Saucepan, and Round Dutch Oven made in France
  • Stoneware Rectangular Dish, Mini Round Cocottes, Enameled Steel Stock Pot, and Silicone Utensil Set made in Thailand.
  • Available in six colors.
  • Lifetime warranty included.

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Le Creuset 24-Piece Cookware Set:

Le Creuset MM14AM24-59 24-Piece Cookware Set
  • Includes: Signature 4.5qt Round French Oven, Signature 9″ Skillet, Signature 1.75qt Saucepan, Enamel-on-Steel 8qt Stockpot
    Stoneware Heritage 4qt Covered Oval Casserole, (4) Stoneware 8oz.; Round Cocottes, Mini Cocotte Cookbook with 25 recipes and a 6-piece utensil set
  • Included utensils are: jar scraper, small spatula, medium spatula, spatula spoon and basting brush, with a matching stoneware utensil crock.
  • Available in six colors.
  • Lifetime warranty.

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Le Creuset Signature 5-Piece Set:

Le Creuset Signature 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set
  • Includes: 3 1/2 qt. round French oven, 1 3/4 qt. saucepan, 9″ round Skillet
  • Available in different colors.

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Common Questions About Le Creuset:

What Is The Difference Between Le Creuset’s Stoneware vs Cast Iron?

Le Creuset Stoneware
  • As you’ve seen above in the listed cookware sets, they include Cast Iron as well as Stoneware pieces. What’s the difference between them?
  • The enameled cast iron is used for cooking. It keeps food moist and tender, therefore, it locks in all the flavor. Cast Iron range includes pans, French ovens, braisers and skillets.
  • The Stoneware pieces are a better choice of baking or for foods like casseroles or quiches. Stoneware sets also features stone lids and handles, making them perfect for staying in an oven even at higher temperatures.

Can Le Creuset Cookware Be Used With Induction Heat?

  • Yes, it can! In fact, it works with all heat sources: gas, electric, induction and ovens.
  • For the best results, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Make sure the heat is within the base and does not extend to the exterior.
  • Avoid using very high heat. Medium or low heat works best. As cast-iron heats quickly and retains heat, you won’t need high heat.
  • High heat can be used for boiling water or for reducing but shouldn’t be used for pre-heating.

Where Is Le Creuset Made?

  • The Signature cast-iron pieces are made in France. But some of their stoneware pieces are made in Thailand.

Can You Put Le Creuset Cookware in the Dishwasher or Microwave?

  • Le Creuset enameled cookware is very easy to clean so you might even need to put it in the dishwasher. But if you do want to, they are safe to go in, but constant dishwasher cleaning can lead to dulling of the enameled surface. This shouldn’t affect how it performs, but it will not look as good as it should.
  • As for Microwave use, Le Creuset stoneware is safe to use in a microwave, freezer or oven. Obviously, any metal based cookware isn’t Microwave safe.

Why Is Le Creuset So Expensive and Is It Worth It?

  • I hate to start the typical answer “You get what you pay for”, but I feel like I must. There are many things that make Le Creuset expensive:
  • Their iconic piece are still made in France, in the same way they were made when they first started back in the 1920s.
  • Each pieces goes through an extensive quality check. This ensures you’re getting a piece of the highest quality possible.
  • With their chip resistant exterior and dull-resistant interiors, they really should last you a lifetime. And if anything should happen, they’re covered by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Buying a cheap alternative only means you should get ready to buy twice (or more!).
  • And just because they’re expensive, doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal on them!


Le Creuset vs. Staub, What’s The Difference?

Staub Cookware
  • Staub is another French brand that makes enameled cast iron cookware. Looking at Staub and Le Creuset, you’ll think they’re identical, only making your choice even harder. But here are a few points to help you out:
  • Staub Cookware is made in France, just like Le Creuset.
  • Lids on Staub cookware are famous for their self-basting system. They features spikes that cycles the moisture back into the food, creating a rain-forrest effect.
  • Lids on Staub all feature stainless steel knobs.
  • Budget wise, they will cost you more than Le Creuset.

Click here to learn more about Staub’s Cookware, see available collections and read customer reviews.

Le Creuset vs. KitchenAid Cast Iron Cookware, Which Is Best?

KitchenAid Cast Iron Cookware
  • Le Creuset wins this comparison, without a doubt. Here’s why:
  • While KitchenAid has enameled cast iron cookware with good quality, their quality still doesn’t come as high as Le Creuset or Staub.
  • Although they are slightly cheaper in price, they’re still considered expensive for a ‘Made in China’ product.
  • You’ll notice that there are no knobs on the lids of KitchenAid enameled cast iron pots. The reason is that the lids also double as grilling pans. This gives it more versatility in use.
  • When it comes to cleaning, sadly we’ve seen reports of some sticking issues. Which brings us back to the fact that Le Creuset is higher in quality and most likely has superior interior compared to KitchenAid.

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