Cuckoo IH Pressure Rice Cooker Review and Comparisons vs. Zojirushi & Tiger

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Features of Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609F:

  • Rice cooker with smart Induction Heating Pressure cooking system.
  • World’s first cooker with 2 Atmosphere pressure cooking.
  • 6 cup capacity.
  • Direct touch control panel, no-buttons.
  • Voice navigation settings in English, Korean and Chinese.
  • Full stainless steel curved pot that allows better heat distribution.
  • Full stainless steel lid cover.
  • Double layer cover packing.
  • Full stainless steel steam vents.
  • Auto-steam cleaning function keeps the cooker clean and sanitized.
  • Made in Korea

Cooking Functions:

The Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609F includes 17 cooking functions:

Gluten Rice – Turbo Gluten Rice – High Heat Gluten Rice – Mixed Rice – Turbo Mixed Rice – High Heat Mixed Rice – Brown Rice – High Heat Brown Rice – Gaba Rice – Nutritious Rice – High Heat Nutritious Rice – Black Bean Rice – Porridge – Soft Glutenous Rice – Multi-cook – Ferment Bread – Bread Baking.

The Cooking Pot:

  • Cuckoo’s rice pot has one of the best designs you’ll see in a rice cooker. It is certainly built to last. It is made of full stainless steel with a curved design. The curve allows even distribution of the heat during the cooking process, which gives you better results.
  • It also has two layers of coating. The stainless steel non-stick coating and an exterior Air Bubble Coating which allows the pot to quickly conduct heat but also protects the pot from damaging IH coils.

How Smart Is Cuckoo IH Cooker?

Cuckoo Electronics, with an experience of over 39 years, was able to develop a smart algorithm system that allows to get the exact taste and texture of rice you really desire.

Thanks to its DSP Chip, Cuckoo cooker controls the pressure and heat by the minute to deliver the right taste and texture for each dish.
You will get the best results for each grain of rice you choose, every single time.

Other Great Features:

  • Auto – Clean Steam system is one of the most useful features you’ll find in your Cuckoo cooker. With a push of a button, a strong jet of steam is released to clean and sanitize the interior of your rice cooker. Another steam vent releases steam after cooking to prevent bacteria and odor from occurring.
  • A thermal fuse prevents the cooker from overheating, But in the case that happens, an alarm for overheating activates for your safety.
  • A slow open mechanism of the lid opens the lid slowly, which prevents it from easily breaking.
  • Multi-cook function allows you to prepare food other than rice like meat and poultry, vegetables and more. Baking function allows you to bake in the same cooker, too.

Is The Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609F Worth Its Price?

This model of Cuckoo rice cooker comes with a hefty price that makes you wonder, is it worth it?

The Cuckoo Cooker is the first in the world with Induction Heating as Pressure cooking as powerful as 2 Atm. It is Made in Korea, and if there’s one thing Korean-made products are known for, it is top-notch quality.

Cuckoo’s Smart Algorithm ensures that you are getting the absolute best result for the type of grain you’re cooking. And the design of the quality of the cooking pot ensure that you get a full pot of perfect rice as quick as possible by evenly distributing the heat. The second layer of the pot protects it from being damaged by the IH coils, which ensures its durability.

Apart from rice, you can use your Cuckoo to cook delicious and tender meats and poultry or steam vegetables. You can also bake in it, making it a multi-cooking appliance.

Now, let’s talk about GABA Rice, one of the hardest rice grain to cook! Cuckoo ensures that it can deliver fresh, soft and absolutely tasty GABA rice that cannot be compared to other brand results.

Available to Buy from Cuckoo’s Official Store

Video Review of Cuckoo IH Pressure Cooker:

Cuckoo IH Pressure Rice Cooker vs. Zojirushi, What’s The Difference?

Of course, here we are comparing the Cuckoo pressure cooker to Zojirushi NP-NVC10 of the same features of Induction Heating and pressure cooking.

  • The Zojirushi has a 5 1/2 cups capacity, so it is smaller by only half a cup.
  • It features AI Fuzzy Technology which “learns” and adjusts the cooking cycle to get perfect results every time. The adjustments are made after each cycle, so the results improve with use. While Cuckoo’s Smart Algorithm adjusts by the minute.
  • Zojirushi’s cooking pot is nonstick and infused with platinum particles which contribute to the process of rice cooking to result in a better taste.
  • Zojirushi has a special ‘Umami’ setting. Umami is known as the 5th taste in Japan. In this setting, the rice is soaked in water longer than other settings, which releases sugars from the rice into a water. Once the cooking starts, that released sugar reattaches itself onto the surface of the rice, which results in a sweeter tasting rice.
  • Overall, Zojirushi has a total of 5 cooking settings.
  • It has press button controls.
  • Made in Japan (some are made in China – check before you buy!)

Which Is Best To Buy?

Here’s what you’re getting if you choose the Cuckoo over the Zojirushi:

  • 17 cooking setting and not just 5. Cuckoo has a Bake setting, too, which the Zojirushi doesn’t have.
  • Cooking pot fully stainless steel with a protective layer that keeps it safe from the IH coils and ensures durability. Zojirushi’s pot does not have a protective layer, which can lead to it scratching or breaking from the IH coils.
  • Automated Self Cleaning on the Cuckoo is not to be underestimated. After a while of use, rice cookers can accumulate a lot of bacteria and germs if not cleaned properly. The cleaning steam vents take care of that automatically.
  • Cuckoo’s Smart Algorithm System controls the heat and pressure by the minute to give you the results you want for each type of grain of rice. On the other hand, Zojirushi’s AI system learns from each use how you prefer your settings and adjusts itself with time, so you won’t see results immediately.

Which one we prefer? Certainly Cuckoo’s Rice Cooker. We realize that it comes with a big price tag, but an appliance like this one lasts for a decade and more, so it’s definitely a good investment.

Cuckoo vs. Tiger, Which Induction Heating Rice Cooker Is Best?

  • Tiger IH Cooker is a 5 1/2 cups capacity cooker.
  • It has 11 cooking settings, which includes Synchro-Cooking function that allows you to cook two things at a time.
  • Other options include jasmine, brown, mixed, porridge, slow cook, oatmeal, and bread baking function.
  • Micom technology monitors the cooking temperature to create the perfect meal every time.
  • Multi-layer ceramic coated cooking pot.
  • Made in Japan.

Which Is Best To Buy?

  • Again, this cooker by Tiger lacks the important self-cleaning steam vents of Cuckoo that make cleaning the cooking pot a breeze.
  • The pot of  Tiger cooker has nonstick ceramic coating, which is good. But not as good as the stainless steel that Cuckoo has. Overtime, the Ceramic will start to lose its non-stick capability or might scratch if used with some hard utensils.
  • One of the great features of Tiger Cooker is Synchro-Cook function, which allows you to cook a side dish in addition to the rise. You can only cook two things at a time using this function, so if you prefer your rice to be cooked using another setting, which might result in better rice, you’ll lose the ability to cook two things at a time. Synchro-cook is a great function, but it limits your rice cooking to this one option only, and you might just end up not use it.
  • This Tiger model bakes bread, same as Cuckoo. Also, it uses induction heating but it does not have pressure cooking function.

Video Review of Tiger IH Rice Cooker: