Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender Review and Comparisons

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Why Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender?

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

We chose to review and compare Breville’s BBL605XL blender because it makes such an innovative product with a design that we haven’t seen in other blends. The Breville Hemisphere Control Blender solves the problem where some ingredients sit under a blender’s blade, making the blending process very uneven.

Hemisphere Control Blender

The Breville Hemisphere Control blender has a specially designed blade (b. pictured above) that sweeps along the base of the bowl, making sure no ingredient escapes. The central blade works on pulling down floating ingredients. Working together, this incredible blade creates a perfectly and evenly blended mixture.

  • Features of the Breville BBL605XL:
  • BPA-Free, lightweight and shatter-proof jug. Made from eastman tritan copolyester.
  • 1.5L (48 oz) capacity.
  • Hemisphere bowl and blade system. Central blade pulls top ingredients down while the wide blade sweeps along the bowl to blend ingredients at the bottom.
  • 5 speed control and  pulse feature.
  • Pre-set settings: Ice crush, Smoothie.
  • LCD timer displays count down on pre-sets or count up on speed control.
  • Illuminated, back-lit buttons.
  • 750 Watts power.

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Breville BBL605XL vs Breville BBL405BAL Hemisphere Twist Blender, What’s The Difference?

Breville BBL405BAL

The Breville BBL405BAL Hemisphere Twist is another version of the Hemisphere Control with a few difference:

[apc id=”44″]

  • It has 4 speeds instead of 5.
  • It has less power, at 450Watts.
  • It has a larger 50 oz jug.
  • The most important feature of the Hemisphere Twist is the citrus juicer fitted on the lid which allows you to squeeze in your favorite citrus juice before or during blending.

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Breville BBL605XL vs. BBL910XL Boss Blender, What’s The Difference?

Breville BBL910XL Boss

The Breville Boss Blender (BBL910XL) is a SUPERBLENDER. It is a higher-end blender than the BBL605X with more power and more features:

[apc id=”43″]

  • The Boss Blender has a more powerful motor at 1500 watts power.
  • It has 5 one-touch pre-sets for smoothie, green smoothie, frozen dessert, soup and pulse/ice crush.
  • It has 12 speeds with manual speed control dial on the Breville Boss blender allows you to fine tune the speed and take control of the texture you really want.
  • It features ProKinetix blade which combines and blends any ingredients to create very small particles
  • Large LCD display for easy control.
  • Dedicated Auto clean function.

As you can see, the Breville BBL910XL has way more powerful features than the BBL605XL. Using the BBL910XL you can control the speed to go super slow or very high to mill, so using it you can create any type of mixture from smoothies, soup, nut butter, frozen desserts and more.

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Breville Hemisphere Control vs. Smooth Blender:

[apc id=”81″]

The Hemisphere Smooth model is a downgrade from the Hemisphere Control version. It’s a great choice for someone who is on a tighter budget and can give up a few extra features but get similar high quality of the Hemisphere Control.

The Hemisphere Smooth has these features:

  • Speed: 4 speeds, plus Pulse/Crush ice and Smoothie button.
  • It has 600watts power.
  • The base of the blender has plastic housing instead of die-cast metal like the Hemisphere Control.
  • Pitcher capacity is the same for Hemisphere Smooth and Control models, which is 48 oz.
  • The Hemisphere Smooth does NOT have a LCD counter/timer.

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Comparing The Breville BBL605XL To Other Brands:

Breville BBL605XL vs. Vitamix 5200:

Vitamix 5200 Series Blender

The Vitamix 5200 is certainly a favorite among many people. It has a peak 2 horsepower motor, so it’s certainly more powerful than the Breville BBL605XL.

[apc id=”45″]

  • With the Vitamix, you have the option of variable speed, so you have full option of fully controlling the speed.
  • It has a 64 oz capacity, so it’s great for blending medium to large batches.
  • Vitamix’s blades reach a speed high enough to create friction heat. This allows it to turn any cold ingredients into steaming hot within minutes.
  • Like the Breville, the Vitamix pitcher is made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester.

The Vitamix 5200 is more comparable to the Breville Boss BBL910XL than the Breville Hemisphere. In that case, the Breville BBL910XL has slightly more power, it has great pre-sets that take the guessing out of your work and an LCD display with timer and programmability which makes the blender easier to use and control.

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Breville BBL605XL vs. Ninja Professional Blender:

Ninja Professional Blender

The Ninja Blender has been a favorite for people who like to blend single serves. Although it comes with a large capacity jug, it also includes 2 single serve cups that you can blend directly into and drink from right away.

[apc id=”46″]

  • It has 1100 watts power, which is more powerful than the Breville Hemisphere Control’s 750Watts.
  • It has 3 speed control and a pulse control. That’s less than Breville’s 5 speeds.
  • It has a large 72 oz capacity. The Breville has 48 oz capacity.
  • The Ninja blender has a single-serve pre-set that can be used with the Nutri-Ninja cups. These cups can be placed in place of the large jug to quickly create a drink that you can grab right away.

With the Ninja Blender, there has been some complaints over the consistency it produces, which brings us back to the importance of Breville’s Hemisphere Control design that gives you consistently smooth blends every time.

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Breville BBL605XL vs. Magic Bullet NutriBullet:

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender_Mixer System

The  NutriBullet is actually a whole lot different than the Breville Hemisphere Control or any other blender mentioned above. The NutriBullet is a 12-piece set for single serve blending, it includes:

  • 1 High-torque Power Base
  • 1 Extractor Blade
  • 1 Milling Blade
  • 1 Tall Cup
  • 2 Short Cups
  • 1 Handled Lip Ring
  • 1 Regular Lip Ring
  • 2 Stay-fresh Resealable Lids
  • 1 User Manual & Cookbook
  • 1 Pocket Nutritionist

So, if you’re someone who likes to blend smoothies and want to grab them quickly or have them ready in the fridge, this is the system for you. It is for beverages only, so if you’re looking to blend soups, nut butters, frozen desserts or more, a NutriBullet isn’t something you should buy.

Click here to learn more about NutriBullet, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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