Breville The Q Blender vs. The Super Q Blender vs. Vitamix, What’s The Difference?

Features of Breville The Q Blender:

  • Commercial grade blender designed specially for home use.
  • Powerful 1800-watts motor. 186 mph blade tip speed.
  • One touch programs for quick and easy food preparation.
  • Different speed settings to deliver different textures.
  • Auto Clean function: add water and detergent to clean the jug and blades with one touch.
  • Jug capacity: 68 oz.
  • Included accessories: Tamper.
  • Warranty: 7 year limited warranty.
  • Material: ABS

Programs and Speeds:

  • One touch programs deliver optimized speeds/time to give you the best results without any guess work on your part. The Q features 4 one-touch programs to get you started: 2 smoothie programs, Pulse/ice crush that turns ice into snow and a Soup program for a fast cold-to-hot soup creation.
  • Now to optimize your texture, you can select from 5 speed settings to create smooth or soft textures for anything from soup, dips, nut butters, flours, smoothies… you name it!

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Features of Breville The Super Q Blender:

  • Commercial grade blender for home use.
  • Powerful 1800-watts motor with noise suppression technology.
  • Super quick 186 mph blade tip speed.
  • Includes a 68 oz jug and a 24 oz personal blender cup.
  • Also includes: tamper, spatula and recipe book.
  • Warranty: 10 years limited warranty.
  • Material: Brushed stainless steel.

Programs and Speeds:

  • The Super Q features 5 one-touch programs to help you create variety of recipes. Two programs for smoothies, pulse/ice crush program, frozen desserts function or soup function.
  • The Super Q also has 12 speed settings, this allows you to optimize the texture of your ingredients even further and more precisely. You can use these speeds to create nut butters, nut and bean milks, milled flour, dips, dressings, soups, frozen treats and more.


  • As the Super Q has more speeds, the controls panel makes it even easier for you to utilize this feature. It has a knob dial and an LCD display to guide you through the best speed for any task you’d like to perform. You can fine tune the speed level by turning the dial and your selection of speed will be shown on the LCD display.

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What Is Difference Between The Q vs. Super Q Blenders by Breville?

Both the Q and Super Q model feature commercial grade motors that are powerful enough to give you great results. The difference comes in the speeds/programs that each model have:

The Q has 4 one-touch programs: two smoothies, one pulse/ice crush and one soup program. It also has 5 speed settings that you can go through by clicking on the button for each speed number.

The material of the base is ABS plastic.

The Super Q has one additional one-touch program (so a total of 5) called Frozen dessert. And speed wise, it has 12 speeds to select from. Selecting your speed is done by using a dial and LCD display, so it’s quite easy to use.

The Super Q also includes a personal size blender (24 oz) which is perfect for making smoothies or for blending smaller batches.

The material of the base on the Super Q is brushed stainless steel.

Another important feature that the Super Q has is the noise suppression technology, which is something you need when you have a powerful motor.

How To Keep Smoothies, Soups and Dips Fresh Longer using Breville Vac Q Attachment:

One of the great things about the Q and Super Q blender is that they’re both compatible with Breville’s high vacuum pressure pump called the Vac Q.

The tool, which attaches to the lid of the blender, draws out the air from the jug before blending. This results in smoother texture, brighter color and richer flavor as you get rid of all the air that leads to quick oxidation of ingredients.

Does this work for any recipe you prepare?

No. It’s important to know what you should or shouldn’t vacuum as some recipes actually require air to get the best results.

For example, green smoothies, soups, dips or spreads would make use of air vacuuming before blending as those are known to oxidize quickly and lose some of their flavor as they sit around. On the other hand, if you’re making something that is milk based (milkshake for example), air is an important part of what gives it that whipped and bubbly texture that we all love, so vacuuming in this case would not give you the best result.

The Breville Vac Q attachment is sold separately and is compatible with both the Q and Super Q blenders.

Breville Super Q vs. Vitamix, Which Is Better?

Vitamix has been the first choice of blender for many people. It’s known for its powerful motor and precise blending results. So the Breville Super Q comes in as quite the competitive.

In this comparison, I’ll be comparing the Vitamix 750 Professional to the Breville Super Q:

  • The Vitamix has variable speeds and programs, much like the Super Q. It has 5 programs: smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, puree and more. These programs can be used to make soup, smoothies, frozen treats, batters, dressings, dips, nut butters and milks and more!
  • Speed wise, you can select from 10 speed settings using the dial.
  • The motor of the Vitamix 750 is 1440watts power. Although it is powerful, the Super Q is more powerful at 1800watts.
  • The capacity of the Vitamix jug is 64 oz, only slightly smaller that the Super Q’s. However, with the Vitamix you only get one jug unlike the Breville Super Q which gives you an additional personal size 24 oz blender cup.
  • One of the special things about Vitamix, which you rarely find in appliances, is that it is manufactured in the USA. Yes, it is actually made in Cleveland, Ohio, which is definitely great!

A blender like Vitamix is a great choice if you’re planning on always making large batches of food. For an additional price, you can buy smaller jugs (32 oz or 48 oz) or a 20 oz cup. If you opt to buy the cup, you’ll also need to buy the blending base for it separately. This tallies up to a large amount of money. For less the price, you can buy the more powerful Super Q with the blender cup included and no additional costs needed.

When it comes to air vacuuming your food, Vitamix does not have an official accessory to do that.

You can read our comparison between Vitamix 750 vs 780 here, and Vitamix Ascent vs. Legacy here.

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