Breville Sous Chef vs. Cuisinart Elite Food Processors: A Full Comparison

In this post, we look at two of the top-line, large capacity food processors. We’ve chosen to compare Breville’s Sous Chef (16-cup capacity) and Cuisinart’s Elite (14-cup) as both are highly rated while having similar features. In order to make the best decision to you, read the features and differences we listed below to see which is the best choice for you.

Features of the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor:

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor
  • Includes 5 multifunction discs and 3 blades.
  • Super wide 5.5” feed tube, no need to pre-cut food before processing.
  • 16-cup bowl capacity.
  • Also includes a 2.5-cup mini bowl.
  • All bowls are BPA-free.
  • LCD display for count-up and count-down auto timer.
  • Accessory storage box that can be stored horizontally or vertically.
  • 1200-watts power.
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Features of Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor:

Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0 14 Cup Food Processor
  • 14-cup bowl and a 4.5 mini bowl.
  • Includes an adjustable slicing disc, adjustable shredding disc, large and small chopping and mixing blades and a dough blade.
  • Touch pad controls with on/off, dough and pulse buttons.
  • 1300-watts power.
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What’s The Difference Between Breville Sous Chef and Cuisinart Elite?


  • Breville Sous Chef has a 16 cup bowl and a 2.5 cups mini bowl.
  • Cuisinart Elite has 14-cups bowl and a 4.5 cups mini bowl (it’s also available in a 12-cup capacity)

Included Discs and Blades:

  • Breville Sous Chef includes a total of 8 discs and blades. The accessories are organized in a storage box.
  • Cuisinart Elite has a total of 5.

Blades Functions:

  • Breville’s Sous Chef blades are adjustable in thickness and can be set to 24 slicing settings. Thickness can be adjusted from 0.3mm to 8.0mm.
    Breville’s Sous Chef cutting styles: julienne disc, a French fry cutting disc, a whisking disc, and a reversible shredding disc, while the blades include a micro-serrated universal S blade, a dough blade for kneading and combining ingredients, and a mini blade for use with mini-bowl.
  • Cuisinart’s Elite adjustable discs go up to 10mm in thickness. The shredding disc is reversible (fine/medium), and there’s a large and small chopping/mixing blade as well as a dough blade.


  • Both Breville Sous Chef and Cuisinart Elite have die-cast metal bases.
  • All working bowls are also BPA-Free.

Which One Is Best To Buy?

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor Accessories
  • With this one, the choice you’d go for can rely heavily on your budget. The Breville Sous Chef is top of the line with a rather high price, it is actually almost twice the price of the Cuisinart Sous Chef. However, the Breville Sous Chef has the highest rating ever, from over 500 happy customers. Which only leads us to believe that is it absolutely worth every penny of the price.
  • The Breville Sous Chef is quite versatile, and the quality build of the unit itself is incomparable. The extra wide chute means that you don’t have to do any cutting before processing, you can actually put in most fruit or vegetable as a whole.


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