FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System: V4840 vs. V4880, What’s The Difference?

Do You Really Need a Vacuum Sealing System at Home?

There are many benefits to using a vacuum sealing system to save food, keeping them fresh longer is only one of those benefits:

  • Using a vacuum sealer allows you to preserve your food and keep it longer for much longer time.
  • Sealing your food is also great for prepping your food and meals in advance to save you a lot of time.
  • Jar sealing is one of the benefits of FoodSaver vacuum sealing system. This feature allows you to air-tight seal your jars to keep its contents fresh.

In this post, we will be looking at one of the best selling vacuum sealing systems for the home, FoodSaver. In particular, we’ll be looking at two models: the V4840 and V4880. We’ll look at their features, differences and which would make the best choice for you.

Features of the FoodSaver V4840:

FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with Bonus Built-in Retractable Handheld Sealer
  • Automatic vacuum sealing system with retractable handheld sealer and starter kit.
  • Keeps food fresh 5x longer.
  • Automatic bag detection: the system starts sealing right away.
  • Handheld retractable sealer to use with zipper bags, containers, canisters and more.
  • Marinates food in minutes instead of hours: Quick Marinator Accessory marinates meat, poultry or fish in under 15 minutes.
  • Special settings for dry or moist foods for optimal sealing.
  • Pull-out drip tray, fully removable and dishwasher safe.
  • Starter Kit includes: (1) 11″x10′ Roll, (3) Qt Heat-Seal Bags, (2) Gal Heat-Seal Bags, (3) Qt Zipper Bags, (2) Gal Zipper Bags

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Features of FoodSaver V4880:

FoodSaver V4880
  • Fully automatic sealing system with retractable handled sealer.
  • Keeps food fresh 5x longer.
  • Automatic operation and bag detection.
  • 2 vacuum speeds
  • Auto detection for type of food, dry or moist, adjusts speed accordingly.
  • Pulse Vac feature allows you to manually control the sealing operation.
  • Rapid Marinate mode marinates food in minutes.
  • Starter kit includes: 1 – 11 inch x 10 feet heat seal roll, 5 quart sized FoodSaver heat seal bags, 5 quart sized FreshSaver Zipper Bags, 1 wine stopper

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What Is The Difference Between FoodSaver 4840 vs. 4880?


When it comes to design, there’s only a slight difference between the two models:

  • The FoodSaver 4840 has its buttons on top.
  • The FoodSaver 4880 has its buttons on the lower part.


The FoodSaver 4880 has two upgraded features that the 4840 doesn’t have:

  • It has automatic food type detection, which means it can detect if you’re sealing dry or moist food, and it adjusts the speed accordingly.
  • It has Pulse Vac feature which allows you to seal your food manually.

Included Starter Kits:

  • Each machine includes the same amount of bags, but the type and sizes vary.

Any Other Difference?

No, there are no other differences than the ones listed above. At the core, the two models do the same job. Except for the upgraded features of the 4880.

Which One To Buy?

FoodSaver V4880

Without a doubt, I would recommend the FoodSaver 4880 over the 4840. The automatic dry/moist detection sounds convenient, but it’s more than that, it can actually save you from choosing the wrong speed which in turn can ruin your food. Pulse Vac feature, which is manual sealing, gives you more freedom to seal at your own pace.

What To Buy With Your FoodSaver Sealing System:

Although your FoodSaver purchase will come with a set of bags to use, there are a few other accessories that are definitely worth buying to give you more use of your machine. Here are our recommendations:

FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

The wide-mouth jar sealer accessory is used to seal wide jars of all kind. This isn’t a lid, but an accessory that you would place on top of your jar’s lid. It attaches to your FoodSaver sealer, press the seal button and it will air-tight seal your jar to keep its contents fresh. Also available as a regular size.

FoodSaver Quick 2.25 quart Marinator

This 2.25 quart canister is perfect for use with the Quick Marinator feature of your FoodSaver. It allows you to marinate your food in 15 minutes or less instead of hours. The vacuum sealing process opens up the pores of the food, allowing any marinade to go through your meat, poultry or fish in a quick manner. The canister is air-tight sealed, microwave and dishwasher safe. It is great for prepping food or keeping it safe til use time.

FoodSaver 3-Pack Bottle Stoppers

These bottle stoppers will fit any standard bottle. If you opt for the FoodSaver V4880, you’ll get one of these in your starter pack, and this set gives you an additional 3 stoppers. They are easily removable and reusable.

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