Is a Slow Juicer The Same As a Cold Press Juicer?

The name ‘Cold Pressed Juice’ often comes up in health and nutrition world, where it comes highly recommended by experts in that field. Here in Super Kitchen, we’ve covered and reviewed many Slow Juicers like Omega, Breville, Hurom, or SKG and how it compares to Omega. But is there a difference between Cold Press Juicer and Slow Juicer?

What Is Cold Press and Slow Juicing?

To answer the question, Cold Press is the same thing as Slow Juicing. So It’s just two names for the same method of juicing. A third name to keep in mind is also ‘Masticating Juicer’. All of these names refer to the same method of slow juicing.

Why Is It Called Slow Juicing or Cold Press Juicing?

In traditional method of juicing or extracting, the juicer uses a fast spinning blade to crush and separate the juice from the pulp or flesh of the fruit or vegetable you’re juicing. This fast blade running against the metal mesh filter of the juicer creates heat that destroys the enzymes of the fruit and veggies, making them lose some of their nutrients.

On the other hand, a slow juicer (cold press), runs in a much slower pace. It does not have a metal blade inside, but a mill-like component that crushes and presses the fruit/vegetable to yield as much of its juice as possible. Since there’s no heat generated (thus the name Cold Press), the ingredients preserve their nutrients and enzymes, giving you more benefit.

Benefits of Cold Press Juice:

In the photo above [photo credityou can see the clear difference between juice that has been made by a cold press slow juicer and a centrifugal juicer (traditional juicer). Apart from the fact that cold press juice contains more nutrients, a cold press juicer gives you higher yield (so you use less ingredients), longer shelf life, less pulp and the juice doesn’t separate, which only emphasizes the fact that it contains more in it.

Why You Should Buy a Cold Press/Slow Juicer:

If you’re torn apart between a regular juicer and a cold press/slow juicer, here are some reasons you should consider a slow juicer over a centrifugal one:

  • Slow juicer can be more expensive, but they do more than just juice. Most of them can process nuts, so you can create nut butters or nut milks. Some come with attachments to make sorbet/frozen treats, grind coffee or even make pasta!
  • They yield more juice, so you use less ingredients and save on groceries.
  • The juice made by a slow juicer has longer shelf life, which means less waste.
  • It simply makes more delicious and more nutritious juice.
  • Noise level is very low.

The Best Slow Juicers To Buy:

We’ve written about many slow juicers from different brands and compared them in terms of features. You can read all our comparisons by clicking here.

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