What Is a Whole Slow Juicer And Which Is Best To Buy?

What Is a Whole Slow Juicer and What Does It Do?

You’ve probably heard of a slow juicer and its benefits. Also known as a masticating juicer, a slow juicer uses a really slow rotation mechanism to produce juice. That way, you’re getting more juice our of your ingredients, less burn (which is caused by rapid rotation), and more nutrients. But what does it mean when it’s called a ‘Whole Slow Juicer? That simply refers to the fact that it’s a slow juicer with a wide chute that fits whole fruit or vegetable without the need for you to cut them before juicing.

One of the leading brands in making Whole Slow Juicers is Kuvings, whose juicers we will feature and compare in this post. In fact, Kuvings owns the patent for the wide chute, so when looking for a whole slow juicer, this is the brand to go for.

We will have a look at the features of the Kuvings C7000 Series, B6000 Series and how they compare to each other. We will also look at Hurom juicers and compare it to Kuvings.

Features of Kuvings C7000 Elite Whole Slow Juicer:

  • Low-speed juicing at 60 Rotations Per Minute. The low speed preserves healthy enzymes and delays oxidation process.
  • Extra wide 3” feeding chute fits whole produce. It reduces preparation time as many ingredients will not need cutting before juicing.
  • Detachable hopper is included to make putting small ingredients easier, if needed.
  • Use your juicer to prepare juice from fruit, vegetables and leafy greens. You can also use it to make nut milks and frozen desserts.
  • No-mess Smart Cap that prevents dripping.
  • Pulp Cup allows you to strain and adjust the amount of pulp in your juice.
  • Includes an attachment for making Sorbet.
  • Cleaning tool made specially for the strainer, and other brushes to make cleaning your juicer a breeze.
  • Comes with a 10 years limited warranty.
  • Made in Korea.

Click here to learn more about Kuvings C7000 Whole Slow Juicer, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Features of Kuvings B6000 Whole Slow Juicer:

  • Low Speed with 60 RPM speed.
  • Extra wide 3” feeding chute.
  • Can juice fruit, vegetables, leafy greens. Also makes nut milks and sorbet.
  • Drip-free Smart Cap
  • Includes a Sorbet attachment.
  • Also includes a special tool and cleaning brush.
  • Made in Korea.

Click here to learn more about the Kuvings B6000, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Kuvings C7000 vs B6000, What Is The Difference?

Looking at the list of features above, it is hard to see that there is any difference between the two models. Yet, there are a few upgrades on the C7000 models that are worth mentioning:

  • It includes more accessories: like the hopper for smaller ingredients and the straining for adjusting or removing pulp from your juice.
  • There are also other improvements to the internal parts of the juicer:
    • Slightly redesigned auger that works better.
    • Juicing screen has been redesigned to be easier to clean and less pulp blocking.
    • Redesigned juicing bowl.
    • The base of the juicers have slight differences but only aesthetically. The motors are the same.

Watch this video or see the upgraded parts:

Should You Upgrade Your Kuvings B6000 To the C7000?

If you already own a Kuvings B6000, is it worth it to upgrade? If your juicer works perfectly, there’s no need for the upgrade. While the upgraded parts on the C7000 make the juicing process smoother, it’s not worth it to ditch your working juicer and buy a new one.

Kuvings vs. Hurom Slow Juicers, What’s The Difference?

Hurom is a South Korean company that also has quite a popular range of slow juicers. Depending on the model you look at, you’ll find a variety of features and capabilities.

  • The biggest difference though is that the Kuvings is a whole slow juicer with a wide chute, while the Hurom isn’t. So if a wide chute is something of importance to you, then you’ll want to go for the Kuvings.

Other than the wide chute, Hurom juicers come with nice features worth considering:

  • Two juicing screens, one with a fine screen (strainer) and another with coarse screen.
  • You can use a Hurom to juice fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and wheatgrass. It also processes nut milks and soybeans for making soy milk and tofu.
  • It works at 43 RPM, so it’s slower than the Kuvings.

Both Hurom and Kuvings juicers are made in South Korea.

Read more about Hurom Juicers and its model comparisons here.

Which Brand Do You Choose?

  • The biggest advantage to the Kuvings juicer is the wide chute. If you want as less prep time as possible, a Kuvings juicer would make your best choice.
  • But if you want the lowest speed, Hurom has it. It works at 43 Rotations Per Minute, so there’s even less oxidization and possibly higher juice yield. It also includes more accessories allowing you to use your juicer to more than just juice (like soy milk and tofu).

Video Reviews:

Wide Chute Slow Juicers From Other Brands:

Like we previously mentioned in this post, Kuvings has a patented wide chute technology for its slow juicers, but it’s not the only brand with wide chutes.

SKG Wide Chute Slow Juicer:

  • Low speed juicing at 60 rotations per minute.
  • Wide 3″ chute allows to add most ingredients without the need to cut them.
  • High juice yield (Orange 85-90%, Pear 78-83%, Apple 65-75%, Celery 65-70%, Carrot 42-47%)
  • You can use it to juice fruit, vegetables, greens including wheatgrass.
  • All plastic parts are BPA-free.
  • Includes an attachment for making sorbet.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Made in China.
  • Limited 10 years warranty.

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SKG vs. Kuvings, Which Do You Choose?

How do you choose between  SKG and Kuving? The SKG juicer is more comparable to the Kuvings B6000 model. It has the same speed and includes the same accessories. Although the Kuvings does have better cleaning tool, and for those who are interested in the origins of the appliance, the Kuvings juicer is made in Korea, while the SKG is made in China.

Otherwise, these two juicers seem quite comparable with not much difference in features.

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