Which Ninja Blender Should You Buy? Here’s a Full Buying Guide!

Ninja Kitchen has a range of blenders available on the market. Each blender comes with its own range of features, capacities and accessories to perform different tasks. Choosing the right Ninja blender for yourself will depend on what you need it for:

  • Is it going to be for smoothies only? Will you use it for cooking?
  • Do you need it to crush ice?
  • Do you need a full size blender or a personal size?

Knowing exactly what you need out of a blender is the best start for choosing the right one and narrowing your options. In this post, I’ll be listing Ninja’s blenders, what each blender does and who is it best for. We’ll look at the difference between Ninja blenders, which blender is best for smoothies and more!

Ninja Blenders – The Models:

Starting with full size blenders:

  • Ninja Intelli-Sense Series: a full system that allows you to change vessels to do more tasks. Available vessels include a blender, food processor, personal size blender and spiralizer.
  • Ninja Chef: High-speed blender with manual or automatic modes for fine tuning your recipes.
  • Nina Professional Blender: Powerful blender with Total Crushing technology that crushes ice and frozen fruit in seconds.

Personal Size, Single-Serve Blenders:

  • Nutri Ninja: Made especially for creating delicious and nutrient smoothies directly into the cup. Can perform few other tasks, too.

Ninja Intelli-Sense Series:

Intelli-Sense is not just a blender. It’s an entire system that can perform almost all tasks using the same smart base and different attachments. It can run on up to 12 auto programs as well as some manual modes.


  • Motor base with touchscreen control.
  • 12 pre-set programs: smoothie, frozen drinks, ice cream, snow cone, puree, chop, dough, dips, extract, refresher, dressing, spiralizer.
  • Automatic vessel recognition brings up the appropriate program for each vessel.
  • Includes different accessories – read below for more information.

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The systems consists of:

The smart base:

This is the base that does everything for you. It has a touchscreen display that allows you to select from pre-set programs like smoothie, extract, dressing, frozen drink, chop, puree and a lot more. The base is designed with Smart Vessel Recognition; a technology that allows the base to automatically recognize the vessel you’re using and bring up the correct programs on the display accordingly.

The Vessels:

Like I’ve already mentioned, the Intelli-Sense system has different vessels for variety of tasks. Available vessels are: Total Crushing blender, Food Processing, Single-serve blender cups and Spiralizer. Which vessels are included with your purchase will depend on your model choice.

Intelli-Sense Models:

Intelli-Sense Blender Duo (model number: CT641& CT640C) includes the 72 oz blender vessel and two 24 oz single-serve blender cups with spout lids. This model set unlocks 8 smart programs:

Smoothie Blender, Smoothie cup, Extract, Frozen Drink, Snow Cone, Refresher, Dressing, Dips.

Intelli-Sense Kitchen System unlocks all 12 smart programs: Smoothie-Pitcher, Smoothie-Cup, Extract, Frozen Drink, Snow Cone, Ice Cream, Refresher, Dressings, Chop, Dips, Puree, Dough.

The included accessories will depend on your model choice:

Model # CT680W: 72 oz blender pitcher, an 8-cup food processor, one 24 oz single serve cup with one spout lid, dough blade, precision processing blade, stacked blade, 75-recipe book.

Model # CT680SS: 72 oz blender pitcher, 8-cup food processor, one, 24 oz cup and one spout lid, stacked blade, dough blade, pro extractor blade, reversible slicing/shredding disc and disc spindle, precision processing blade, 35-recipe book.

Model #CT680A: 72 oz blender pitcher, 8-cup food processor, one, 24 oz cup and one spout lid, stacked blade, dough blade, pro extractor blade, 35-recipe cook book.

Model #CT680: 72 oz blender pitcher, 8-cup food processor, one, 24 oz cup and one spout lid, stacked blade, chopping and dough blade, pro extractor blade, 35-recipe book.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto Spiralizer (model # CT682SP), it includes: 72 oz blender pitcher, 8-cup food processor, one, 24 oz cup and one spout lid, stacked blade, precision blade, chopping and dough blade, pro extractor blades, auto-spiralizer with two discs (spaghetti and Fettuccine), spiralizer cleaning brush and 35-recipe book.

What Is The Difference Between Ninja Intelli-Sense Models?

As you can see, there’s lots of model numbers and variations of the Intelli-Sense system. It can get quite confusing. But here’s the breakdown of these models:

  • The Intelli-Sense Duo is the base model, which includes the pitcher and single-serve cups.
  • After that comes the Intelli-Sense System, which has the most variations. All models include the pitcher, single serve cup and a food processor. The difference in each model comes in the included blade for the food processor. This is where you’ll have to pay attention because you’ll want the blade for the task you plan on performing with your processor.
  • The last variation of models is the one that has it all, the Intelli-Sense system with the food spiralizer. This one has all the above PLUS the auto spiralizers.

Which Do You Choose?

  • The Intelli-Sense Duo is the perfect choice for smoothies and small tasks like crushing ice, making a dressing or dips.
  • If you’re looking for more than just blending, the Intelli-Sense kitchen system combines two appliances in one.

Can I Buy the Vessels Separately?

Yes, absolutely! Let’s say you bought the Intelli-Sense Duo but later decided you need a food processor too. All you have to do then is buy the food processor attachments and use it with the same motor base you have. Since it’s a smart system, it will automatically recognize the new attachment and unlock the additional programs.

You can also buy additional blades, single-serve cups and more accessories.

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Ninja Chef Series:

The Ninja Chef is a high-speed blender with automatic programs as well as manual mode. It has a wide range of variable speeds, this is great for at home chefs who want to fine tune their recipes and get to very specific textures when blending.

Features of Ninja Chef Blender:

  • 10 pre-set Auto iQ programs: Soup, nut butter, flour/mill, extract, dressing, puree, frozen drink, smoothie, dip/salsa and ice cream.
    10 manual modes with variable speed control for full customization of your blending.
  • Self clean program allows for easy cleaning of your pitcher. Simply add hot water and dish soap and run the program.
  • Powerful 1500 watts motor base.
  • Smart vessel recognition automatically adapts between the pitcher and single-serve cup to bring up the right programs for each vessel.
  • Includes a 72 oz pitcher, tamper, lid with vented cap and 50-recipe book.

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Ninja Chef Blender Models:

Chef Blender series is available in three model numbers, and same as the Intelli-Sense, the only difference is the included accessories:

Model # CT805: Includes the pitcher, tamper, vented lid with cap and recipe book.

Model # CT810: Includes pitcher, tamper, vented lid with cap, one 24 oz to-go double walled tumbler and one spout lid, as well as a 35-recipe book.

Model # CT815A: Includes pitcher, tamper, vented lid with cap, 24 oz single-serve blending cup, one spout lid and 35-recipe book.

Which One Do You Choose?

Simply select the model with the accessories you need. If you don’t plan on drinking your smoothies on the go, the CT805 model should be a good choice. The difference between models CT810 vs. CT815A is that the first one has a tumbler, so you’ll blend your ingredients in the pitcher than transfer it to the tumbler, where with the second model, you’ll blend directly in the single-serve cup.

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Nutri Ninja Series

This series is the perfect choice for smoothie lovers, although it’s not just what it does, it is one of its main purposes. This compact blender is made for blending in single-serve cups of different sizes. The base is set with programs that will do the work for you with a simple press of a button.

There are two models in this series:

Nutri Ninja Pro:

This blender is as simple as it gets. It includes two cups, an 18 oz cup and 24oz cup with two spout lids. It has no programs, so it works on one speed only. This is the quickest way to make your smoothie.

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Nutri Ninja with Auto-iQ:

This model feature’s Ninja’s Auto iQ, which is pre-set programs that take the guess work out of making anything from smoothies to chopping small ingredients or crushing ice.

Models numbers for the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ:

BL480D: includes one 18 oz cup, one 24 oz cup, 2 spout lids

BL481: Includes one 18 oz cup, one 24 oz cup, one 32 oz cup and three spout lids.

BL490: Includes a 72 oz pitcher, one 24 oz cup, one 24 oz stainless steel cup, 2 spout lids.

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Are Ninja Blenders Good for Juicing?

Ninja blenders are not meant to juice. They blend ingredients together so they’re more for making smoothies than juices. Juice is made from extracting the juice out of fruit/vegetable and leaving the fiber or pulp out. That’s the work of a juice extractor rather than a blender. With a blender, you’re using every part of the fruit or vegetable, so the consistency of the drink is heavier.

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