Breville BTA630XL vs. BTA730XL vs. BTA830XL Smart Toaster: Which One Should You Buy?

Breville BTA730XL The Bit More 4-Slice Toaster

Breville are known for their sleek and shiny kitchen appliances. We’ve talked about their smart ovens before, and today, we’ll be talking about an appliance just as good, the Breville Smart Toasters.

In this post, we’ll be discussing three models and the difference between them: BTA630XL, BTA730XL and the BTA830XL. Read on to learn about their features and what sets them apart.

Features of the Breville Smart Toasters:

General Features of Breville’s Smart Toasters:

  • Available in 4-slice or 2 slice models.
  • LED backlit buttons and indicators.
  • Adjustable browning option.
  • Motorized Carriage.
  • LED indicator shows you toasting process.
  • Custom options for Bagel which browns only from the inside, and Frozen for defrosting.
  • A Bit More option adds a little extra time to your toasting cycle. You can also use this option to reheat.
  • Lift and Look button lifts your toast for you to look at without stopping the toasting cycle.
  • High lift lever makes it easy to pull out smaller items.

What Is The Difference Between BTA630XL vs. BTA730XL vs. BTA830XL:


  • BTA630XL has a plastic exterior.
  • BTA730XL has a stainless steel exterior.
  • BTA830XL has a cool to touch, brushed die-cast metal body.

Ready Alert:

  • Only BTA730XL & BTA830XL have alerts, which can be adjusted to low, high or mute.

The Slots:

  • The BTA830XL has the longest slots for accommodating artisan breads and pastries.

Which One To Buy?

Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster
  • If you’re on a budget, then the BTA630XL will be your go-to choice as it’s the most affordable in the range. However, due to its plastic body, we don’t recommend it. Many customers have reported that the labels start to rub off rather quickly, and plastic can’t be as durable or clean as stainless steel. But operation wise, it should perform just as good.
  • The BTA830XL is the highest priced in the range, but it also happens to be the best selling one. We’re glad people are seeing that you truly get what you pay for. With this die-cast metal model, you’re getting a truly solid construction that will last you a long time to come.

All toasters are also available to buy directly from Breville’s Online Store.

Watch a Video of How The Breville Die-Cast Toaster Works:

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