Calphalon No Peek vs. Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker, Which of These Is Best For You?

Calphalon No Peek Waffle Maker_Waffle

There’s nothing more irresistible than a warm thick waffle with a drizzle of maple syrup, toppings and a scoop of ice cream. A classic comfort food perfect for all times and seasons. This makes a waffle maker a must-have appliance in any kitchen!

For this post, we chose to compare two of the best rated waffle makers: The Calphalon No Peek and Cuisinart’s Belgian Waffle Maker. They may be on the higher-end of waffle makers, but you get what you pay for. These two waffle makers are built to last and to make you the best waffles you’ve ever tasted!

Features of the Calphalon No Peek Waffle Maker:

Calphalon No Peek Waffle Maker
  • Equipped with Calphalon’s Opti-Heat system which provides accurate temperature and delivers even heating for all plates.
  • No Peek illuminated progress indicator shows you the browning progress without the need to lift the cover.
  • Makes 4 waffles at a time.
  • High performance bronze nonstick plates require NO oiling and cleans easily.
  • 3 temperature settings: light, medium and dark.
  • Audible alerts when pre-heated and when waffles are ready.
  • Stainless steel exterior.

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Features of the Cuisinart WAF-300 Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates:

Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates
  • Non-stick removable plates.
  • Includes plates for 4 waffles or 4 pancakes.
  • Six temperature settings.
  • Audible and light indicators for when ready to use or ready to eat.
  • Brushed stainless steel exterior.
  • Includes tongs and recipe book.

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What Is The Difference Between the Calphlon and Cuisinart Waffle Makers?

The Plates:

  • The Cuisinart features removable dishwasher safe plates, which makes it easier to clean. It also features plates for waffles and for pancakes.
  • The Calphlon features non-stick plates for waffles only.

Temperature Settings:

  • The Cuisinart features 6 temp. settings.
  • The Calphlon features 3 temp. settings.

Which Is Best To Buy?

We are definitely leaning towards the Cuisinart Waffle Maker for it’s removable plates and for the fact that it includes additional plates for pancakes, too. This gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Cuisinart WAF-200 vs. WAF-300, What’s The Difference?

Cuisinart WAF-200 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

This is the Cuisinart WAF-2oo, and as you can see the first difference between it and the WAF-300 is that it’s round. But that’s not the only thing:

  • It ONLY makes waffles, 4 pieces at a time.
  • The plates are non-stick, but they are not removable.
  • It makes thinner waffles than the WAF-300 which makes thick Belgian style waffle.

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Watch Them In Action:

Demo of the Cuisinart WAF-300 Waffle Maker:

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