Everything You Need To Know About Multi-cooker: What It Does, How It Works and More…

If you’ve been seeing the name Multi-cooker on new kitchen appliances and have been confused over what is it or what it does, this post will help you understand everything you need to know about them.

Cuisinart Multi-cooker in use

What Is a Multicooker?

  • As you might guess from its name, a Mutlicooker is a multi-function cooking appliance that helps you prepare food using different methods, all in the same unit. A mutlicooker often can slow cook, brown/saute, sear, bake and fry (but not deep fry), allowing you to prepare a large variety of food recipes.

What Can You Cook in a Multicooker?

  • You can cook anything from meats (slow cooking, searing and frying), vegetables (steam, saute), cook rice, some cookers will also bake cakes and desserts. You can pretty much cook anything using a multicooker, and if your choice of brand includes a recipe book (as most do), that should help you out.

Is a Multicooker The Same as a Slow Cooker? What’s The Difference?

  • A multicooker does many functions, including slow cooking. If you go for a Slow Cooker instead, you’re getting one function only, but with a Mutlicooker, you’re getting a Slow cooker as well as other functions.

What Are The Main Functions of a Mutlicooker?

The exact functions of a mutlicooker will vary depending on your chosen model, however, most multicookers will have these functions:

  • Various cooking functions: slow cooking, browning/saute, steam
  • Timer with auto shut off.
  • Nonstick cooking pan that is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Glass lid allows you to see food as it cooks.

What Kind of Coating Does a Multicooker Pan Have?

  • All Multicookers have nonstick pans to make the process of cooking easier and mess-free. It seems that most of these pans have teflon as their coating. So you have to be careful with using the right utensils while cooking.

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